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Brands Not Supported
These brands listed are not supported by use because there are no model number listed on the tripods; and because we have not reference materials to link the models and quick releases together; or because we do not have a distributor that can make these parts available to us.  Under lined titles have links to their pages.

Those brands we support are listed in the index to the left. 
Unfortunately, if it is not listed we either do not have it,  or can't get it. 
If you find errors, please let us know.

Please do not get mad at us if your brand tripod has a quick release, yet the brand name/maker/importer does not care to offer or support or replacement parts for the product you purchased.  Don't shoot the messenger.   Direct you anger at the brand name/maker/importer since they took your money.  We only offer a good Samaritan effort to replace those pieces that allow you to use your purchased products wisely, and use your money efficiently.

Acme Lite
We have one QR but no models identified
    Adorama   Ambico
We have found
two that may work for you.
Click Here
Amvona Apex
    Apollo Arca Swiss Axis Barska Benbo Bencher
Burris Berlebach   Bescor Bilora Bushnell Canon Carson
CamGear Cartoni     Celestron Coast
This company went out of business and no sources for the quick releases have been identified.
This company went out of business and no sources for the quick releases have been identified.
DAIWA   DeVere  


Digital Concepts Fender Fuji Giottos
Under Construction
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      Glidecam Gold Coast
This company went out of business and no sources for the quick releases have been identified.
Hasselblad Heiwa


HollyWood Video Tripod
We have one QR but no models identified
Iconcepts Ideesign       Impact JTL Kaiser
Kirk Konus   Leupold Leica Lenmar Libec Linhof
    Majestic Matthews Maxell Maxtor Meade Miller
Minolta Mohawk
was made by Coast and is out of business.  We have one possibility

Click Here
MX1000 NcStar Novoflex
Under Construction
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Oconner Olympus  
Panasonic   Perfected Photo   ProSpec Tripod with Fluid Head
We have found one unit can accept the Velbon QB-4w plate
We have  identified Titan II
quick releases Click Here
Rectacon Radian Ritz Camera
Also called Quanteray or Titan II
Red Accent
This company went out of business and was made by Coast and is out of business.  We have two possibilities  Click Here
Sachtler Sakar
We have identified at least one model
    Sima Simmons Smith Victor


Soligor Solidex
no support available
Click here to see the one model we have  identified
Click here


      Studioball Swarovski Swift Tenba Testrite
TeleView   Thalhammer Tiltall Titan Titan II
We have one tripod identified for Titan II quick releases Click Here
Toshiba TriBot
  Unknown Tripods
Without a name, model or any identifying marks we cannot help you.
  Vidpro Victor Vinton Vortex Yukon


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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What screw do I need? There are only two types.  The 1/4 inch and the 3/8 inch sizes.  The 1/4 inch size is the most common, especially on USA cameras, 35mm, DSLR and all point and shoot, and DV and video cameras.  The 3/8 inch size is more common on European cameras, especially medium or large format.  Medium format Mamiya, Bronica, Hasselblad and some larger video cameras almost always have the 3/8, but sometimes also have the 1/4.
What is an anti-rotation pin? On video cameras, and some newer DSLR cameras there is a guide hole that is next to the screw hole on the bottom of the camera.  Some quick releases have a pin that fits into the guide hole to prevent the camera from twisting or turning on the quick release.  This is great if you are using long lenses and shooting a lot of vertical shots where the weight of the lens will pull and tend to twist the camera around the screw.
Why doesn't the anti-rotation pin fit my camera? We have found that on the Olympus Evolt it has a different spacing from the standard 9/16 center to center spacing.  Almost all of the standard quick releases have the 9/16 spacing.


What if there is no Brand or Model number listed?
Measure the opening as shown below and find a quick release that is close to the same size.  This isn't "rocket Science" so the measurements do not have to be exact, but at least within 1/16 or 1/8 of an inch or 1 or 2 mm.  Too much error will only mean the plate won't fit, the closer the better.
Click Here to see the most common quick releases that we have in stock.  Click Here.


Do you have an unsupported tripod that you've been able to fix, modify or find a replacement quick release for that you'd like to share?   E-mail us here and let us know, and we'll let our site users know as well.

Click here if you've got a solution for us.


Please note that we use "Quick Release Plate" as our standard terminology for these parts.  They are often called other things such as: quick receivers, quick shoes, quick plates, quick release shoes, quick release plates, quick release pads, tripod tops, tripod mounting plates, tripod shoes etc.

Not all parts listed here are the original manufacturers.  We will substitute quick releases from other manufacturers at our discretion, as needed to replace those that are not available. Not all tripods or quick releases listed here are current and many are, in fact, no longer available from the original manufacturer.  All our substitutes have been checked against on original to ensure it exactitude.  Those that are questionable are marked as such.  Any parts that are used will be clearly marked.  As such this site rarely sells used items unless there is no availability for new parts.  Used parts will be marked as such.   We add brands, models and parts as we find out.  If you have any info for us, please let us know.  We will use it to help somebody else later.

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