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Vivitar Tripod Quick Release Plates
Find your tripod listed here and you may purchase the correct quick shoe  below.  These are for Vivitar tripod purchased before 2006.  Anything purchased after 2006 may be a new product from Vivitar and not be referenced on this list.
Tripod Quick Release   Tripod Quick Release
PL-100 PL-100   VPT20 QR-4
PL-300 PL-300   VPT30 QB-5L
      VPT40 QB-5L
      VPT120 QRPER
V900 7577   VPT240 QRPER
980*** *** There is more than one type of "980" tripod. We only have parts to fit the V980, not the 980.      
V980*** 3516   VPT360 QRPER
V-1000 3523   VPT120SE QB-4W
the original QR3 is no longer available
V2200GX QB-4W
the original QR3 is no longer available
  VPT240SE QB-4W
the original QR3 is no longer available
V2400GX QB-4W
the original QR3 is no longer available
  VPT360SE QB-4W
the original QR-2 is no longer available
V2800GX QB-4W
the original QR-2 is no longer available
  VPT1200 QB-4W
the original QR3 is no longer available
V3000 3502   VPT2400 QB-4W
the original QR3 is no longer available
V-5000 3523 VPT3600 QB-4W
the original QR-2 is no longer available


Quick Releases to fit Vivitar Tripods

3523 or QS-03 Quick Release

This is the original plate for the V1000


These are discontinued and we are looking for a new vendor.  Backordered - No Delivery Date

QS-03  Quick Release Click Here to Order

 3516 Quick Release

QS-04  Quick Release Click Here to Order

7577 Quick Release

QS-02  $29.99
Quantity :

Vivitar  PL-100 Quick Release
The PL-100 by Vivitar is no longer available.  It has been replaced by the 5924 PROMASTER.  this is nearly identical in all ways, except the PROMASTER plate is metal instead of plastic.

5924 QR $15.99
Quantity :

Vivitar  PL-300 Quick Release is no longer available from Vivitar. 

This is the 6E01 which is a direct replacement for the PL-300

6E01 QR $14.99
Quantity :

Vivitar  QB-4W Quick Release
This is the replacement for the QR-3 and QR-2 quick releases. This is as close a replacement as we can get now a days, as the Vivitar are no longer available.

QB-4W  $13.99
Quantity :
QB-5L Quick Release

QB-5L  $15.99

Quantity :


  Part purchased may be gray or black depending upon the color that is available at time of shipment.  These items are hard to get because of the age of the tripods they fit.  We will ship them as quickly as we can, but expect a 2 to 4 week minimum wait.

QRPER  Discontinued - No Longer Available

Vivitar VPT-20 Quick Release Plate

Fits Tripod: VPT20

QR4 $13.99
Quantity :

3502  Quick Release  
Is the nearest replacement for the Vivitar quick release Originally marked as Vivitar
QS-87  (shown below, these are no longer available)

This part is discontinued and is currently unavailable.

Vivitar QS-29 Quick Release

QS-29  $13.99
Quantity :

Thank you to Stewart Tsuji who sent us a picture of his Vivitar VPT-30 to identify the correct quick release plate.  It is the QS-47.

Thank you to Robert Heiligman who helped identify the correct quick release plate to fit the V1000.  It is the QS-03.

Thank you to David E. who helped us correct an error on our page.  Thanks, we cannot do it without y'all/

Did you know that some of the Vivitar tripods have removable heads?  If the head is damaged and you can screw it off leaving a threaded screw on the top of the tripod; you can replace it with another brand of pan head or ball head and keep your tripod legs.

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Please note that we use "Quick Release Plate" as our standard terminology for these parts.  They are often called other things such as: quick receivers, quick shoes, quick plates, quick release shoes, quick release plates, quick release pads, tripod tops, tripod mounting plates, tripod shoes etc.


Not all parts listed here are the original manufacturers.  We will substitute quick releases from other manufacturers at our discretion, as needed to replace those that are not available. Not all tripods or quick releases listed here are current and many are, in fact, no longer available from the original manufacturer.  All our substitutes have been checked against on original to ensure it exactitude.  Those that are questionable are marked as such.  Any parts that are used will be clearly marked.  As such this site rarely sells used items unless there is no availability for new parts.  Used parts will be marked as such.   We add brands, models and parts as we find out.  If you have any info for us, please let us know.  We will use it to help somebody else later.

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