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Velbon Panhead Reference

Before you order any quick release check the head number first.  The Panhead number is actually more important than the tripod number since many of the tripods made in the past may have more than one style of head attached to the same tripod legs.

 If your head does not have a number listed, then the tripod number will suffice and can be found below in the other reference chart.

Pan Head Quick Release   Pan Head Quick Release
FHD-51Q QB-F51,
  PH-446 QB-4LC
FHD-52Q QB-4X   PH-446Q QB-4LC
FHD-61Q QB-f51   PH-458 QB-5LC
PH-145 QB-145   PH-468 QB-5LC
PH-145Q QB-145      
PH-148 QB-4L   PH-556Q QB-5L
PH-156Q QB-5L      
PH-157Q QB-157   PH-656Q QB-5LC
PH-159Q QB-5W      
PH-163Q QB-635   PHD-31Q QB-3B
PH-173Q QB-667   PHD-41Q QB-145
      PHD-42Q QB-62
PH-237Q QB-3   PHD-51Q QB-635L
PH-248 QB-4L   PHD-52Q QB-62
PH-249Q QB-4W   PHD-61Q QB-635L
PH-250B Not Available   PHD-62Q QB-62
PH-252Q QB-5L      
PH-258 QB-5L   QHD-33Q QB-3B
PH-258Q QB-5L   QHD-41Q QB-3B
PH-258 RED  QB-5L   QHD-51Q Black QB-3B
PH-259Q QB-4W   QHD-53D QB-62
PH-259 QB-4W   QHD-61Q QB-635L
PH-262Q QB-6   QHD-62Q QB-635L
PH-263QL QB-635L   QHD-71Q QB-667L
PH-268 QB-6      
PH-268R QB-6R is replaced by the QB-6RL   QRA-3 QB-3B
PH-273QL QB-667L   QRA-3B QB-3B
PH-288 QB-5L   QRA-5 Not Available
PH-288R QB-6R is replaced by the QB-6RL   QRA-5N Not Available
      QRA-667 QB-667
PH-349Q QB-4W      
PH-358 QB-5RL      
PH-368 QB-6RL      
Click Here if you cannot find a model  number listed on your head, this will take you to a reference of models by tripod number and really old models.


Velbon Tripod Quick Releases
Most of these are near life size, the dimensions given are for the widest part that fits into the tripod socket, not the widest area that the camera mounts onto.

Velbon QB-F51 Quick Release

QB-F51 QR $32.99
Quantity :

Velbon QB-F51L Quick Release

QB-F51L QR $39.99
Quantity :

Velbon QB-145 Quick Release

Velbon QB-145  $13.99 
Quantity :

Velbon QB-157 Quick Release

Velbon QB-157  $14.99
Quantity :

Velbon QB-3B Quick Release

Velbon QB-3B Quick Release $14.99  
Quantity :

Velbon QB-4L  Quick Release

QB-4L fits Tripod: CX-480, D400
Light 480, Maxi 347GB
Unipod UP-4DXII, Vel Flo 5
Videomate 1

QB-4L fits Head: PH-148

Velbon QB-4L  Velbon QB-4L  $14.99  
Quantity :

Velbon QB-4LC Quick Release

QB-4LC fits Tripod: 400, 5000, CX-430 CX-440, DF-10ML, DF-40, T-3500 Videomate 400

Velbon QB-4LC  $14.99  
Quantity :

Velbon QB-4W Quick Release

QB-4W fits Tripod: 404, 504, 7000 9000, CX-444, CX-460, CX-470
CX-544, CX-570, CX-590, CX-690
CX-888, DF-40, DF-MINI, Maxi 347GB S-4000, S-6000, Videomate 404 Videomate 504

QB-4W fits Heads: PH-259, PH-359

Velbon QB-4W  $13.99
Quantity :
Velbon QB-4X Quick Release

To fit FHD52Q Head

Velbon QB-4X $ 14.99
Quantity :

Velbon QB-5L Quick Release

QB-5L fits Tripod: 470, 480
Allegro Z-761, DS-48, DV-10N
DV-30N, DV40, DV-40Q, DV-45
DV-40N, DV-48, DV-51, Linden 4000 Linden 5000, Maxi 347GB, S-600
S-900, Stratos S-470, Stratos S-480
T-66, V9500, V9900, VEF, Vel Flo 8 VGB, Victory: 150, 250, 350, 450, 451 460Q, 480, 550, 650, VS-3W

QB-5L fits Heads: PH-288, PH-156Q PH-258, PH-556, PH-258 Red

QB-5L fits QR Adapters: QRA-5, S-400

Velbon QB-5L  $15.99
Quantity :

Velbon QB-5LC Quick Release

QB-5LC fits Tripod: 500, 600, 601
CX-500, CX-540, CX-580, CX-600
CX-640, CX-680, Maxi 347GB, S-4000 S-5000, V-551, V7500, Victory 151 Vieomate 500, Videomate 600 Videomate 601

QB-5LC fits Head: PH-656Q

Velbon QB-5LC  $14.99
Quantity :

Velbon QB-5RL Quick Release

QB-5RL fits Tripod: 507, CX-586, D500 Maxi 347GB, S-900, Vel Flo 7 Videomate II, Videomate 507

QB-5RL fits Heads: PH-358, PH-368 Black

Velbon QB-5RL  $13.99
Quantity :

Velbon QB-5W Quick Release

QB-5W fits Tripod: CX-560, CX-660 CX-684, DF-60, Maxi 347GB, S-6000 V7000, V9000

QB-5W fits Head: PH-159

Velbon QB-5W  $14.99
Quantity :

Velbon QB-6 Quick Release
This part is no longer available from Velbon.   Because it is being manufactured elsewhere it may not look the same cosmetically.  The length,  width and depth will be the same.

Velbon QB-6 $32.99
Quantity :

These parts are being manufactured,
contact us at
864-699-9333  if you would like to order them. 
We will take and hold the order until the parts are complete.

QB-6E Quick Release

Velbon QB-6E $15.99
Quantity :

Velbon QB-6R Quick Release
Has been discontinued and replaced by the QB-6RL listed below. 
The only difference is the QB-6R was metal and the QB-6RL is plastic.


Velbon QB-6RL Quick Release

Velbon QB-6RL   $13.99
Quantity :

Velbon QB-62 Quick Release
New Product - Place order now to receive the first in the shipment

Picture to be announced

Velbon QB-62   $24.99
Quantity :

Velbon QB-635 Quick Release
Discontinued and no longer available.
See the Velbon QB-636L for replacement.

Velbon QB-635L Quick Release
Excellent vibration absorption prevents camera blur.  Over 30% lighter than aluminum and excellent anti-corrosion properties.  This QR Plate prevents slippage by using two juts (jut may not be useful depending upon camera model). Replaces the QB-635.

Velbon QB-635L  $59.99

Quantity :
Velbon QB-667 Quick Release

Velbon QB-667  $44.99

Quantity :
Velbon QB-667L
Quick Release Made of magnesium alloy, weighs only 60 grams.  Over 30% lighter than aluminum and excellent anti-corrosion properties.

Velbon QB-667L $39.99

Quantity :


Velbon QRA-635L

QRA-635L(B) offers magnesium alloy construction with quick release simplicity and features two bubble levels for true horizontal and vertical alignment.

Weight: 125g
Length: 112mm
Width: 64mm
Height: 18mm

Velbon QRA-635L $59.99
Quantity :


Velbon QRA-667L

QRA-667L(B) offers magnesium alloy durability, quick release capability and two bubble levels for when horizontal and vertical alignment is critical.

Weight: 135g
Length: 112mm
Width: 67mm
Height: 18mm

Velbon QRA-667L $74.99

Quantity :


Velbon QRA-3B (Now only in Black)
Mini Quick Shoe Adapter

Quickly and easily adapt almost any tripod to a quick release model.  The adapter screws into the 1/4 -20 screw on most tripods and the QB-3 mini shoe onto most digital cameras and video cams, some binoculars or other devices.  Buy additional QB-3 shoes for each device.  Now only available in black color.
    Camera platform (approx) W31xL22 mm 
    Size W62 x L38 X H15 mm
    Weight (approx) 54g
    Size of camera screw hole  UNC1/4, 1/4 inch x 20 turns
    Maximum load of camera weight 1.5 kg
Velbon QRA-3B $34.99
Quantity :


Velbon Quick Release Reference
Many of the old tripods made in the past may have more than one style of head attached to the tripod legs. Some tripods (old models) may not have a head listed.  The ones that we know of we have listed with multiple quick release numbers, depending upon the head that is installed on it.  If your head does not have a number listed, then the tripod number will suffice.

Pan Head Quick Release   Tripod Model Pan Head Quick Release
400   QB-4LC   P Max   QB-337
404   QB-4W   PX-751   Round Shoe
Not Available
470   QB-5L   PX-781FN   QB-6R is replaced by the QB-6RL
480 PH-288 QB-5L   PX-781K PH-268 QB-6
480USA PH-268R QB-6R is replaced by the QB-6RL   PX-781K PH-268R QB-6R is replaced by the QB-6RL
500   QB-5LC   Pan Head PHD-31Q QB-3
504   QB-4W   Pan Head PHD-41Q QB-145
507   QB-5RL   Pan Head PHD-51Q QB-635L
        Pan Head PHD-61Q QB-635L
600   QB-5LC   Pan Head QHD-41Q QB-3B
601   QB-5LC   Pan Head QHD-51Q Black QB-3B
607   QB-6RL   Pan Head QHD-61Q QB-635L
5000   QB-4LC   Pan Head QHD-71Q QB-667L
7000   QB-4W        
9000   QB-4W   Quick Release Adapters    
        QRA-3   QB-3
Allegro Z-761   QB-5L   QRA-5   QB-5L
C-400   QB-4L   QRA-635   QB-635
C-500   QB-5RL   QRA-635L   QB-635L
C-600   QB-6RL   QRA-667   QB-667
CX Series       QRA-667L   QB-667L
CX-200   NotAvailable        
CX-300   NotAvailable   S-Series    
CX-430   QB-4LC   S-400   QB-5L
CX-440   QB-4LC   S-3500-HK HAKUBA  QB-6E
CX-444   QB-4W   S-4000 PH-656Q QB-5LC
CX-460   QB-4W   S-4000 PH-349 QB-4W
CX-460 Mini   QB-4W        
Pan Head Quick Release   Tripod Model Pan Head Quick Release
CX-470    QB-4W   S-4500   QB-6E
CX-480    QB-4L   S-4500-HK HAKUBA  QB-6E
CX-500   QB-5LC   S-5000   QB-5LC
CX-540   QB-5LC   S-600    QB-5L
CX-544   QB-4W   S-6000 PH-159  QB-5W
CX-560   QB-5W   S-6000 PH-259  QB-4W
CX-570   QB-4W   S-6000 HAKUBA  QB-6E
CX-580   QB-5LC   S-900 PH-258 RED  QB-5L
CX-586   QB-5RL   S-900 PH-368 BLK  QB-5RL
CX-590   QB-4W   Sherpa 200R PH-157Q QB-157
CX-600   QB-5LC   Sherpa 250   QB-157
CX-640   QB-5LC   Sherpa 250N   QB-157
CX-660   QB-5W   Sherpa 250R PH-157Q QB-157
CX-680   QB-5LC   Sherpa 450   QB-157
CX-684   QB-5W   Sherpa 450N   QB-157
CX-686   QB-6RL   Sherpa 538   QB-F51
CX-687   QB-6RL   Sherpa 555R   QB-3B
CX-690   QB-4W   Sherpa 600   QB-157
CX-888   QB-4W   Sherpa 600N   QB-157
CX-888 Black   QB-4W   Sherpa 600R PH-157Q QB-157
CX-mini   QB-4LC   Sherpa 603R   QB-3B
        Sherpa 750   QB-157
D400   QB-4L   Sherpa 750N   QB-157
D500   QB-5RL   Sherpa 750R PH-157Q QB-157
D600   QB-6RL   Sherpa 803R   QB-635L
D700   QB-6RL   Sherpa 1000   QB-157
Tripod Model Pan Head Quick Release   Tripod Model Pan Head Quick Release
DF Series       STRATOS    
DF-10ML   QB-4LC   S-48 PH-268 QB-6
DF-40   QB-4LC   S-460Q   QB-6
DF-50   QB-4W   S-470   QB-5L
DF-60   QB-5W   S-480 PH-258 QB-5L
DF-MINI   QB-4W   480USA PH-268R QB-6R is replaced by the QB-6RL
DS-48   QB-5L   SX-681K   QB-6R is replaced by the QB-6RL
DV-10N   QB-5L   T-66   QB-5L
DV-30N   QB-5L   T-77   QB-6R is replaced by the QB-6RL
DV-40   QB-5L   T-3500 HAKUBA QB-6E
DV-40Q   QB-5L   T-3500 VELBON QB-4LC
DV-45   QB-5L        
DV-40N   QB-5L   Unipod
DV-48   QB-5L        
DV-51   QB-5L   Ultra LUXi F PH-145 QB-145
DV-6000   QB-5RL   Ultra LUXi L II   QB-3B
DV-7000 PH-358 QB-5RL   Ultra LUXi L   QB-145
DV-7000 PH-368 QB-6RL   Ultra LUXi M   QB-145
        Ultra-Maxi   QB-3
El Carmagne series tripods do not have quick release heads built on them.  Buy QRA-3 Quick release adapter to add that capability.   Ultra-Maxi L   QB-3B
        Ultra-Maxi M   QB-3B
        Ultra-Maxi Mini   QB-3B
        Ultra P Max   QB-337
Pan Head Quick Release   Tripod Model Pan Head Quick Release
EX-430   QB-46   Ultrek UT43D   QB-62
EX-440   QB-46   Ultrek UT45L   QB-62
EX-530   QB-46        
EX-540   QB-46   V-551 PH-656Q QB-5LC
EX-630   QB-46   V2000   QB-6RL
EX-640   QB-46   V5000   QB-4LC
EX-888   QB-46   V7000   QB-5W
        V7500   QB-5LC
Light 480   QB-4L   V9000   QB-5W
LINDEN 4000   QB-5L   V9500   QB-5L
LINDEN 5000   QB-5L   V9900   QB-5L
Maxi 347E   QB-3   VEF   QB-5L
Maxi 347GB   QB-3        
Maxi 347GB PH-148 QB-4L   Vel Flo 5   QB-4L
Maxi 347GB PH-156Q QB-5L   Vel Flo 7   QB-5RL
Maxi 347GB PH-157Q QB-157   Vel Flo 8   QB-5L
Maxi 347GB PH-159 QB-5W   Vel Flo 9   QB-6RL
Maxi 347GB PH-163Q QB-635   Vel Flo 10 PH-288R QB-6R is replaced by the QB-6RL
Maxi 347GB PH-173Q QB-667        
Maxi 347GB PH-248 QB-4L   VGB   QB-5L
Maxi 347GB PH-258 QB-5L   VGB-37   QB-157
Maxi 347GB PH-259 QB-4W        
Maxi 347GB PH-263QL QB-635L   Victory 150   QB-5L
Maxi 347GB PH-268R QB-6R is replaced by the QB-6RL   Victory 151   QB-5LC
        Victory 250   QB-5L
        Victory 350   QB-5L
        Victory 450   QB-5L
        Victory 451   QB-5L
        Victory 460Q   QB-5L
Pan Head Quick Release   Tripod Model Pan Head Quick Release
Maxi 347GB PH-273QL QB-667L   Victory 480   QB-5L
Maxi 347GB PH-349 QB-4W   Victory 550   QB-5L
Maxi 347GB PH-358 QB-5RL   Victory 650   QB-5L
Maxi 347GB PH-368 QB-6RL   Videomate I   QB-4L
Maxi 347GB PH-556 QB-5L   Videomate  II   QB-5RL
Maxi 347GB PH-656Q QB-5LC   Videomate  III   QB-6RL
Maxi F PH-237Q QB-3   Videomate  IV   QB-6RL
        Videomate 2000   QB-6RL
        Videomate  400   QB-4LC
        Videomate  404   QB-4W
        Videomate  500   QB-5LC
        Videomate 504   QB-4W
        Videomate  507   QB-5RL
        Videomate  600   QB-5LC
        Videomate  601   QB-5LC
        Videomate  607   QB-6RL
        Videomate  607F   QB-6RL
        Videomate  738   QB-6R is replaced by the QB-6RL
        VS-3W   QB-5L
        Z-4800V   QB-4
        Z-4900F   QB-149

  This reference is as accurate as the reference materials we use from the distributor.  It is subject to change without notice.


Other Notes

QB-6R metal quick release is discontinued and no longer available, 020507.

  This reference is as accurate as the reference materials we use from the distributor.  It is subject to change without notice.

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Please note that we use "Quick Release Plate" as our standard terminology for these parts.  They are often called other things such as: quick receivers, quick shoes, quick plates, quick release shoes, quick release plates, quick release pads, tripod tops, tripod mounting plates, tripod shoes etc.

Trade in your old tripod that doesn't have a useable head, or a broken leg, or no quick release.  Why throw it in the trash when we will separate the metal and recycle it.  Why keep it around if it is broken or unusable?
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