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Sunpak Tripod Quick Release Plates
Match the Tripod model to the quick release in the left (white columns) or in the right (grey columns)
 The white and grey columns are not interchangeable, the red bar separates the data sets.
Tripod Model Tripod/Head
Catalog #
Quick Release   Tripod Model Tripod/Head
Catalog #
Quick Release
Ball Head with Quick Release 620-712 SP620-744   757TM 620-757 SP620-733
Compact Monopod II 620-406 SP620-737   777 620-777 SP620-731
Compact Pistol Grip Ball Head 620-CPG SP620-749   777B 620-777B SP620-731
DigiPro 4X4 620-860 SP620-736S   3300 PRO 620-330 SP620-732
DigiPro B 620-005B SP620-736B   2001UT 620-020 SP620-731
DigiPro Compact B 620-005B SP620-736B   4300 PRO with 3 way pan head 620-430 SP620-743
DigiPro XLF 620-510 SP620-732   4300 PRO B with ball head 620-430B SP620-744
DigiPro XLT 620-520 SP620-732   5200D   SP620-752
EZEE Pod 620-400 SP620-731   5200D 620-520D SP620-520QS
Fieldmaster   SP620-731   5800D 620-580BB SP620-734
Fieldmaster LE   SP620-731   5858D   SP620-752
Medium Pan head with Quick Release 620-720 SP620-745   6000PG   SP620-749
Platinum 8500   SP620-732   6060 620-6060CC SP620-734
Platinum Plus 6000PG   SP620-754   6200DX 620-620 SP620-738
Platinum Plus 7500TM   SP620-733   6200DX with Compact Ball head   SP620-749
PRO 423PX with Pan Head 620-423-CFT-PX SP620-750   6200DX with Compact Pistol Grip Ball Head 620-CPG SP620-749
PRO 423PX with COMPACT Pistol Grip Ball Head 620-423-CFT-PX2 SP620-749   6400UT 620-640BB SP620-731
PRO 523P 620-523-CFT-P SP620-745   6401UT   SP620-731
PRO 623P 620-623-CFT-P SP620-745   6464 620-6464CC None at this time
PRO 624P 620-624-CFT-P SP620-745   6600DX with pan head 620-660 SP620-739
PRO 523PX 620-523-CFT-PX SP620-745   6600DX With Pistol Grip Ball Head 620-660PG SP620-749
PRO 623PX 620-623-CFT-PX SP620-745   6600PG   SP620-732
PRO 624PX 620-624-CFT-PX SP620-745        
PRO 723B 620-723-CFT-B SP620-747   6601TM 620-060TM SP620-731
PRO 723BX 620-723-CFT-BX SP620-747   6601UT 620-060 SP620-731
PRO 723P 620-723-CFT-P SP620-746   6601UT   SP620-731
PRO 723PX 620-723-CFT-PX SP620-746   7000tm   SP620-731
PRO-M2 620-810 SP620-748   7001UT   SP620-731
PRO-M4   SP620-756   7001D (gray)   SP620-734
Pistol Grip Ball Head with Quick Release 620-PISTOLGRPQR SP620-732   7001DX 620-070DX SP620-734
TravelLite 620-560BB SP620-736B   7001tm   SP620-731
Ultra 4STM 620-U4STM-CPG SP620-749   7500   SP620-733
Ultra 63TM 620-U63TM-PG SP620-732   7500 PRO 620-750BB SP620-733
Ultra 757 620-757 SP620-733   7500 620-750TMBB SP620-733
Ultra 757B 620-0757B SP620-733   7575 620-7575CC SP620-733
Ultra 6000pg   SP620-754   8001UT-B (black) 620-080 SP620-731
Ultra 7000 Tri-Monopod   SP620-731   8001UT 620-080 SP620-731
Ultra 7500TM   SP620-733   8500 Platinum   SP620-732
Ultra 7575   Sp620-733   8500   SP620-732
Ultra Pro 423   SP620-754   9001UT   SP620-731
Ultra Pro 777   SP620-731   9002TM 620-060TM SP620-731
Video Pro-M 620-800 SP620-735 Discontinued   9002DX 620-092 SP620-731
Video Pro-M 2 with Fluid Head 620-810 SP620-748   9500   SP620-733
Video Pro-M 3 with Metal True Fluid Head 620-820 SP620-751        
Video Pro-M 4   SP620-756        
XLF   SP620-732        
XLT   SP620-732        


Sunpak Quick Release Plates
to fit the various Slik tripods

Sunpak SP620-520QS Quick Release

Original replacement for 5200D


Sunpak Quick Release 620-520QS $14.99

Sunpak SP620-731 Quick Release

Original replacement with bubble level to fit UT & Ultra Pro777

Put one of these quick releases on each of your cameras, camcorders, digital cameras and your binoculars  too.

Sunpak SP620-731 Quick Release $14.99

Quantity :

Sunpak SP620-732 Quick Release

Original replacement to fit 3300 PRO, XLF, XLT And Pistol Grip

Sunpak SP620-732 Quick Release $14.99
Quantity :

Sunpak SP620-733



Original replacement to fit Ultra 757 only and 757TM



Sunpak SP620-733 $17.99 Discontinued

Quantity :

Sunpak SP620-734 with bubble level

Length: 35mm
Width: 35mm
Original replacement to fit 7001D & compatible models


Sunpak SP620-734 with bubble level $14.99

Quantity :

Sunpak SP620-735 
Original replacement to fit Video PRO-M & compatible models
Discontinued by Sunpak and no longer available.

Sunpak SP620-735
Discontinued No  Longer Available

Sunpak SP620-736B

Original replacement to fit DigiPro Compact B & compatible models

SP620-736B $14.99
Quantity :

Sunpak SP620-736S 

Original replacement to fit DigiPro 4X4 & compatible models

Sunpak SP620-736S $14.99
Quantity :

Sunpak SP620-737

Original replacement to fit Compact Monopod II

Sunpak SP620-737 $14.99
Quantity :
Sunpak SP620-738

Original replacement to fit 6200DXTripods

Sunpak 620-738 $13.99


Sunpak SP620-739

Original replacement to fit 6600DX Tripods
Sunpak 620-739 Discontinued and no longer available.

Sunpak SP620-743 

Original replacement to fit 4300PRO & compatible models

Sunpak SP620-743 $14.99
Quantity :

Sunpak SP620-744

Original replacement to fit 4300PRO B & compatible models

Sunpak SP620-744  $14.99
Quantity :

Sunpak SP620-745

Original replacement to fit Carbon Fiber 523PX, 623PX, 623PX models


Sunpak Quick Release 620-745 $21.99


Sunpak SP620-746

Original replacement to fit Carbon Fiber 723PX



Sunpak SP620-746 $19.99



Sunpak SP620-747

Original replacement to fit Carbon Fiber 723B/X


This plate Now officially discontinued and no longer available.  We will be looking for a suitable replacement if possible.  Please bear with us.


Sunpak Quick Release 620-747 $24.99


Sunpak SP620-748

Original replacement to fit Video PRO-M 2 Tripods

Sunpak SP620-748 $19.99

Sunpak SP620-749

Original replacement to fit Compact Pistol Grip Ball Head




Sunpak Quick Release 620-749 $15.99  


Sunpak SP620-750

Original replacement to fit 423PX tripod and 620-423-CFT-PX pan head




Sunpak Quick Release 620-750 $14.99

Sunpak SP620-752

Original replacement to fit 5858D tripod
Sunpak Quick Release 620-752 $12.99
Sunpak SP620-753

Original replacement to fit
These items are not available at this time
Sunpak SP620-754

Original replacement to fit UltraPRO 423 and Ultra 6000PG  tripods
Sunpak Quick Release 620-754 $14.99
Sunpak SP620-756

Original replacement to fit PRO M4 tripod
Sunpak Quick Release 620-756 $21.99

Please note that we use "Quick Release Plate" as our standard terminology for these parts.  They are often called other things such as: quick receivers, quick shoes, quick plates, quick release shoes, quick release plates, quick release pads, tripod tops, tripod mounting plates, tripod shoes etc.

Trade in your old tripod that doesn't have a useable head, or a broken leg, or no quick release.  Why throw it in the trash when we will separate the metal and recycle it.  Why keep it around if it is broken or unusable?
Why? Click here to trade in

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