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Solidex Tripod
We do not have any quick releases to fit Solidex. 
There is no information available to us and we have no way of supporting this brand. 
No parts, no quick releases no references at all.

We cannot help at all, with this brand at all, ever...

Ok, so maybe I was a little harsh.  Our good friend Terry W. from Texas told us that the  Solidex VT-86 will take the  QB-5w, though "it is a snug fit & requires a little push, but it does fit".  So this one will work.  you can find them Here:

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Please note that we use "Quick Release Plate" as our standard terminology for these parts.  They are often called other things such as: quick receivers, quick shoes, quick plates, quick release shoes, quick release plates, quick release pads, tripod tops, tripod mounting plates, tripod shoes etc.

Not all parts listed here are the original manufacturers.  We will substitute quick releases from other manufacturers at our discretion, as needed to replace those that are not available. Not all tripods or quick releases listed here are current and many are, in fact, no longer available from the original manufacturer.  All our substitutes have been checked against on original to ensure it exactitude.  Those that are questionable are marked as such.  Any parts that are used will be clearly marked.  As such this site rarely sells used items unless there is no availability for new parts.  Used parts will be marked as such.   We add brands, models and parts as we find out.  If you have any info for us, please let us know.  We will use it to help somebody else later.

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