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Welcome to 
Our mission is to bring together the widest selection of tripod quick releases in one comprehensive website. 
Accurate and up to date reference materials are provided as provided by the manufacturers and distributors of each brand, or as we make them with our own research, and information from you, our customers.  Let us know if you find any mistakes, or if you have any comments, suggestions or know of "fixes" so that unbranded tripods can be added so others can have their quick release replaced. 
Because a tripod is a better tool for photography when it is  used!

Not all quick releases offered are the same ones made by the original equipment manufacturer. 
We will substitute different brands of quick releases to fit the different tripods since not all the OEM's parts are available,  especially on the older tripods or those no longer manufactured. 
Substitutions are made at our discretion.

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If you cannot find anything on our site, please bear with us while we search or have replacements made. This is a time consuming process to reconstruct and find the sizes and shapes of these items after they have been discontinued. 

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* It is important that you have the measurements on hand; if you are unsure what quick release you need, we cannot find a match without the measurements from your tripod.  Click Here on how to find your measurements.

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What do you call the part that mounts your camera to your tripod?

We often hear them referred to as: tripod quick releases, tripod quick release, tripod quick mount release,
tripod quick release posts, tripod quick release post, tripod quick release plates, tripod quick release plate,
 tripod quick shoes, tripod quick shoe, tripod quick mounts, tripod quick mounts,
tripod mounts, tripod mount, tripod quick adapter, tripod adapter... But no matter what you call them, they are still the most valuable part of your tripod.

Parts for Bogen Tripods    Parts for Manfrotto Tripods

Not all parts listed here are the original manufacturers.  We will substitute quick releases from other manufacturers at our discretion, as needed to replace those that are not available. Not all tripods or quick releases listed here are current and many are, in fact, no longer available from the original manufacturer.  All our substitutes have been checked against on original to ensure it exactitude.  Those that are questionable are marked as such.  Any parts that are used will be clearly marked.  As such this site rarely sells used items unless there is no availability for new parts.  Used parts will be marked as such.   We add brands, models and parts as we find out.  If you have any info for us, please let us know.  We will use it to help somebody else later.

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